Blown Your New Year Resolutions?… Now What’s Your Goal?

Setting goals can be such a drag. ; Hey I know I have junk that I need to work on but taking the time to think about where I am, where I probably should be and what it will take to get there is a lot to ponder. ; Then when I actually sit down to write it all out, it can be down right discouraging. ; Perhaps you can relate. ; Funny things is that whether we have gone through a formal goal setting process or not we are setting goals. ; ; Goals are either acts of commission or omission. ; ;The proof is in the results. ;

When it comes to your health you either commit to actively doing something or omit doing anything. ; When you commit to trusting God to help you make lifestyle changes like exercising regularly, eating proper portions or making healthier food choices, you are setting goals that will result in improving your well being. ; When you omit this goal setting process you are still in effect setting a goal – to do nothing. ; This will result in your staying the same and most likely go down hill. ; But is that really what you want? ; To get worse?
I know many times I have avoided setting a goal because the one I want to reach seems so far off. But I will never get there if I don’t start somewhere. ; What helps me is to focus on one goal at a time and then to chunk down that one goal into steps. ; This way I can at least be moving in a forward direction.
Saturday it was a pleasure to help kick off the Makeover 101 Fitness Challenge at Sugar Creek Baptist Church. ; We should all be in the process of setting goals and we talked about focusing on one at a time. ; So I wanted to share that my first goal for this 101 Day Challenge is to get PROPER REST more often. ; Genesis 2:2-3 and Matthew 11:28-30 make it clear that the creator of the universe and the Lord when he became flesh promoted REST. ; What makes me think I don’t need it? So in chunking it down here are my first three steps to get there:
1. Keep a log of how much rest I get (nightly, downtime, nap (LOL yeah right), relaxation times (kidding right ? 🙂), etc.
2. for my rest detractors – the things that are not properly prioritized and prevent my rest.
3. Change one thing in my schedule to promote rest.
What’s your goal and how will you get there? ; I’ll keep you posted on how mine is going! Let’s keep reaching out to our friends so we can get 101 women to join in the challenge!

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