5 Ways To Get Better Results Outside the Gym

Been going to the gym, exercise class or walking the park to get your daily work out in?  Well, good for you! Keep it up. But, if you are not seeing the changes you want to see, taking a look at your life outside the gym is a good place to start.

We live in a convenience society where our fingers do the walking. Drive-thru fast food & dry cleaning, curb side and home delivery for groceries and restaurant take out. Internet shopping for everything from household goods and books to clothes and electronics. You can sit in one spot and get  any and every thing from right there. I know because I am a huge Amazon fan and anything I don’t think I can find I get on line.  I know I am not alone because just this weekend when my sister-in-law was visiting she went on a 10 minute shopping spree right on her iPhone while relaxing in a chair.  Guess we can add to the ‘couch potato’ the ‘thumb potato’ and the ‘mouse potato.’  That’s a whole lot of sitting.

If we are not careful, the gym or our daily workout might be the only time we move and for most of us that is not quite enough.  Good news is that we don’t necessarily need to carve out more time for the workout.  All you may need to do is Stand Up (more) and Eat (better)!  In fact The Cooper Institute, where I did my Personal Training certification has launched a new campaign to help out.  Did you know that you burn about 33% more calories when you stand? That’s what I call an easy solution.

Here are a few simple things you can do starting now:
1.     Sit less Stand more like when you are sending e-mails, texting or on the phone; you might even move your laptop from your lap or desk to a counter where you can work standing. (I’m standing now :))
2.     Lose the remotes. Get up to change the channel rather than use your remote. Hide the magic wands so you’ll remember to move but try to remember that this is the plan otherwise you might forego changing the channel in a frenzied search for the remotes.
3.     Take 1-2 minute breaks from your desk every 30 minutes and walk around, march in place or do a few simple stretches.
4.     Walk and Talk. Whether you are at home or in the office, go in person to ask your neighbor a question. Have a walking meeting rather than a conference call. You’ll probably be more alert anyway.
5.     Eat more color and Drink less color. Fortunately you don’t have to know all the nutrients that are in the various fruits and vegetables because you are bound to get it right if you have a colorful variety on your plate (e.g. sweet potato, red chard, spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, etc.) Then when it comes to the accompanying beverage stay clear. Drink more “Crystal Punch” than coffee, soda, juice or tea to stay hydrated and save on calories.  Nothing beats water
Check out the Cooper Institute website to learn more www.standupandeat.org.

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