Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Do gas prices, rising unemployment and the slow economy have you stumped about what to do for Mother’s Day?  We love our Moms but often her work goes unnoticed and unappreciated, so it’s time to treat her special. Problem is there just aren’t many numbers before the decimal point in our bank balance.GOOD NEWS!! You don’t need a huge budget to give a meaningful lasting Mother’s Day gift.  Invest in your Mom’s quality of life, health and wellness and your gift will keep giving.  Your lean wallet can actually be the key to help Mom and the rest of the family get healthier.  Here are three (3) ideas for Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts on a low or no budget:

  1. Give “Time Coupons”: Mom’s wear multiple hats, multi-task and often have to adjust their schedules for their families so giving some time to your Mom is a great stress reduction gift.  What does time look like to a Mom?  You can start with these:
    • 1 Week of Cooking Dinner
    • Doing the Weekend Laundry
    • Helping with a project around the house
    • Quality time with you in an activity of her choice
    • A “Personal Sabbath Day” so she can have a complete day of rest
    • An Evening Walk (down the street, in a park or at the mall)
    • A picnic prepared by you
    • A Mom’s Night Out (without you)
    • A weekend sleep in pass
    • Thorough cleaning of a room or vehicle
  2. Present a Healthy Meal: If taking Mom out for nice dinner means burgers and fries from the dollar menu, why not use that same money and prepare a healthy meal that will leave you with left overs (that is when eating proper portions, which we will of course be doing :-)). Here’s how for about $20:
    • Bake a Whole Chicken (Hormone, Steroid & Antibiotic Free $5 or Organic $10 and marinade $3)
    • Steam some broccoli (2lb bag frozen $1.75)
    • Steam some carrots (organic $1.27)  and sprinkle with cinnamon, drizzle with honey and coat with a 1/2 tsp melted butter
    • Prepare some brown rice (32 oz bag $1.25) with lentils (1 lb bag $0.75)
    • Bake some corn muffins (Bob’s Mill Gluten Free Cornbread Mix $3.00)
    • Skinny Cow Ice Cream Desserts ($3.98)
  3. Fit Gift Certificate:  All Moms need to move and whether your Mom needs to get started or to spice up her routine an exercise gift certificate is an ideal affordable fit gift. Get her one or a series:
    • Personal Training ($35-$75 depending on gym and trainer)
    • Zumba Class ($10 – $35 per class or go for a series)
    • YMCA or Gym Membership ($30 –  $55 per month)
    • Boot Camp ($90 – $150 for 6 weeks)
Help your Mom have a Happy Healthy Mother’s Day and take note yourself!

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