Back To School Game Plan

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The wave of children heading back to school as begun along with football practice, cross country, piano lesson, etc. I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled that we get to go back to a steady routine. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVED having my kids around all summer and the lack of schedule, but I appreciate God’s wisdom in having us live life in seasons.  No one season lasts forever but it’s there for us to enjoy then move on to the next.  So since we enjoyed summer, just wanted to share a “Back to School Game Plan” to help us help our kids have an incredible school year:
o   Pray for the School Year:  This can be the most amazing school year for your children if you give it to the Lord right from the start.  Create a prayer journal just for school related prayers and keep track of how God comes through as the year progresses.  Also, commit to praying in the car, before the kids catch the bus or before your homeschool session starts every morning.  
o   Plan and Prioritize: Purchase a family calendar and write down all school and extra curricular activities for the rest of the year.  Mark busy days and nights and think about what meals will work well on those days and set up your grocery list accordingly. Call family and friends ahead of time for the support you may need.
o   Connect Healthy Food to Great Grades:  Discuss the importance and connection between healthy eating and ability to focus and concentrate and get good grades. Check out for a few quick easy tips and ideas for lunch.  Purchase a stainless steel water bottle and set water drinking goals during the day. Hydration is especially important now in the heat.
o   Rest:  If you have started school, make sure that you are no longer keeping summer hours, even on the weekends.  Sleeping and waking come very easily when our bodies are in rhythm so get up early and get to bed on time on the weekends too, even if you have nowhere to go.  It will make Monday morning easier.  If you have not yet begun school start mimicking your school schedules a week or so before school starts.  See what time they naturally get up on their own and implement a set plan on how you intend to “settle down” for the night.
Have a Healthy & Happy School Year!!


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