Are You A Part of Generation ZERO?

Ever heard of Generation Zero?  Well, it is going to be the first generation of men free from prostate cancer.  With Zero prostate cancer deaths. Zero prostate cancer cases. Zero tolerance for prostate cancer.

September is National Prostate Awareness Month.  Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men.
ZERO — The Project to End Prostate Cancer, is committed to not only to reducing prostate cancer or alleviating the pain from the disease but to ending it.

So here’s the deal, every man has some level of risk for getting prostate cancer, yet many other factors make some men more susceptible to prostate cancer than others.
·      Age is the strongest risk factor for getting prostate cancer. But other risk factors include
·      Race
·      family history
·      diet and obesity
·      cholesterol
·      chemical exposure
·      genetics
·      exercise and
·      smoking. 
One in every six men gets prostate cancer at some point.  But the good news is that the survival rate is nearly 100 percent when prostate cancer is detected early.

So getting the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test  is key.

In general, men should begin testing for prostate cancer at age 45. If you have one ore more of the risk factors you should begin annual prostate cancer testing at age 40.

Prostate cancer doesn’t show its face early on making it nearly impossible to detect in the early stages.

So men, before National Prostate Cancer Awareness month ends schedule your PSA test.  And women, encourage the men in your life to schedule their test.  

Visit for more information.

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