5 Easy Ways to De-stress Anytime Anywhere

STRESS – We all get it but how we manage it and deal with it is key, especially now that it is fall, we are headed in the fourth and final quarter of the year and the beginning of multiple holidays amidst school and fall sports, work deadlines, traffic, etc… It’s a busy time of year and that can mean stress.
            So the next time you are having a bad day try these 5 anytime, anywhere techniques that researchers have found to be effective de-stressors: 
1.     Give yourself a quick foot massage – it can have almost the same stress-lowering benefit as a full-body rubdown, according to Roberta Lee, MD, author of The SuperStress Solution. That means rubbing your toes, heel, ankle up to your calves. Easy to do in your office chair in the break room or in the car before you get out for that next meeting.
2.     Chew Gum According to research, chewing a stick of gum seems to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve mental performance during tasks. In one study, gum chewers report they were less stressed, less depressed and less likely to see a doctor for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. And they had fresh breath!
3.     Take a Deep Breath – No matter where you are, taking a deep whiff of lavender or rosemary can put you into a more relaxed state. Inhaling those aromas can lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. But just the act of breathing deeply is also a stress buster. Deep breathing sends oxygen surging through your bloodstream, helping to calm your entire body.
4.     Take a Walk – Exercise is a great way to ease stress. It helps your body produce endorphins — the neurotransmitters in your brain that make you feel good. Exercising in warm, sunny weather can boost your mood.
5.     Sing a Song – Turn up the radio in the car or start crooning in the shower. No matter how out of tune you are, singing can make you feel happier. Choral members who were surveyed said singing put them in a better mood and made them feel less stressed. Singing also can be good for your breathing and posture, as well as your heart and immune system.  
There you have it. FIVE easy any-time anywhere de-stressors.  This is a plan that will help turn those bad days around.  

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