Stand UP for Your Break Time, You Need It!

There is now an Emerging Science of Sedentary Behavior ;and Neville Owen , Ph.D., Head of Behavioral Epidemiology at Australia‘s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, presented evidence that suggests sitting for long periods of time is associated with health risks – even for people who are regularly physically active. Sitting time is emerging as a strong candidate for being a cancer risk factor in its own right. “It’s highly likely that the longer you sit, the higher your risk. This phenomenon isn’t dependent on body weight or how much exercise people do,” said Dr. Owen. However, recent evidence suggests that key indicators of cancer risk are lower when prolonged sitting is interrupted with brief (1-2 minute) breaks
Currently, Dr. Owen and his research team are conducting a randomized trial investigating the link between regular desk breaks and activities that promote standing to cancer risk biomarkers. Evidence from this study might lead to practical recommendations on workplace health, says Dr. Owen, such as removing office waste baskets so you have to get up and walk to them…no more waste basket hoops…, using standing desks…Not as bad as it sounds. ;

;I have a set up with my laptop on a counter so that I can stand at times when I am working…, and meetings with standing breaks. ;

By now, we’ve all heard advice to “Take the stairs, not the elevator.” Which is good but there are many more ways to infuse your day at work with more activity:

  • Set the timer on your computer to remind you every 60 minutes that it’s time to step away from your desk and take a short walk down the hall.
  • “Walk with me.” Got a quick thing to discuss with a co-worker? Instead of sending an email, ask him or her to join you for a walk to hash it out on the go. The pedeconference: It’s not just for TV characters anymore.
  • Keep light hand weights in your office to use while reading email or talking on the phone.
  • During all phone calls and phone meetings, stand up and walk around.
  • For a more vigorous activity break, ask your employer to put a punching bag or chin-up bar in your break room. ..just pack some deodorant J
  • Your office or cubicle wall is all you need for simple activities like stretches, vertical push-ups and leg lifts. ;I have my elastic bands here with me so that I can do it too! ;


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