Watch out for the Blitz on Super Bowl Sunday: Have A Party Game Plan

Are you ready for some football?  Well the super markets, member warehouses and pizza places sure are.  In fact while I was in Costco yesterday and there was music, there were decorations and the sample stations had quadrupled! This was carefully planned, well executed blitz on arm chair quarterbacks. Okay and yes I did come out with a couple of extra items I sampled LOL! It really works.


See they know that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest eating days of the year – second only to Thanksgiving. It also tops the charts for television sales, which go up drastically prior to game day. Just in time to sabotage our New Year’s resolutions to get FIT and save $money$.

Well not so fast! You can enjoy the festivities and still remain on the winning side with a Super Bowl Party Game Plan. Here are the plays:

 1.      Budget Action Fake: If it’s not in your budget to buy the new flat screen TV don’t buy it.  You will still enjoy watching it on what you have, at a restaurant or on a friend’s flat screen TV.  And come Monday morning you won’t have the TV Bill blues.
2.      Pre Game Plan: Have a small healthy snack before you head to the party that way you won’t be in binge mode when you get there. You can just focus on the game, the fun, friends and family.
3.      Single Plate Run: Prepare yourself a plate rather than mindless munching from a bowls. Then go ahead and eat a cookie or brownie for dessert – and let go of the depravation “being good” mindset.  Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial so enjoy in moderation and pray for contentment.
4.      The Crystal Punch Play: Choose Crystal Punch as your beverage of choice (That’s Water…NOT to be mistaken for Crystal Light J).  Jazz it up with a lime.
5.      Couch Potato Route:  Get up from that couch for more than seconds and a potty break.  Here’s how (remember, passing the chips does not count as exercise, no matter how heavy the bowl):

o   Commercial Seats: This tightens your legs and buttocks.  Start with your back against the wall and your knees bent, so legs are at a 90-degree angle.  Hold this position till the end of one commercial or you can do this while chatting with your friend right next to you!
o   Commercial 10s:  Three exercises, each lasting 10 seconds –  First perform as many push-ups as possible for 10 seconds.  Next turn onto your back and scissor kick for 10 seconds.  Stand up and do jumping jacks for 10 seconds.  Take a 30 second rest and repeat cycle.
o   Buddy Lower Lift:  Lying on your back on the floor, grab hold of a friend’s ankles. Lift your legs up to 12 o-clock.  Keeping your legs together and  lower them as far as you can without your back coming off the floor then lift back up. Go for 30 seconds then switch with your friend.

Have fun and never forget that you are Destined To Be Fit!

Remember, before starting this or any exercise program you must consult with your health care provider first.

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