70 Year Old Beauty Reveals Her Secret ‘Fountain of Youth’ or Is it Her ‘Sea of Wisdom?’

We hear all this talk about eating more fruits and vegetables but does it mean anything? I mean illness and disease are a part of the aging process right? Well, not according to Annette Larkin whose long time commitment to healthy living has rewarded her with the scientifically expected yet totally uncommon outcome. She is totally fit, disease, chronic condition and prescription drug free and stunningly gorgeous.
You know It’s one thing for skinny young celebrities to tell you to eat right and exercise…yeah, right, that’s entertainment and totally unrealistic. But when this elegant 70 year old grandmother says it, all we can say is, I’ll have what she’s having.
Here she is sharing her secret about what she calls her ‘fountain of youth.’ Looked to me more like a ‘sea of wisdom. ‘ Look, listen, learn, imitate and repeat…

One response to “70 Year Old Beauty Reveals Her Secret ‘Fountain of Youth’ or Is it Her ‘Sea of Wisdom?’

  1. Absolutely amazing!! Finally a real role model. So we can actually recruit time with a vegan diet, because time is definetely on her side! Something tells me that this was an original way of life and we have gotten so far removed from it that we literally can't think clearly. I will be at whole foods first thing in the morning & weekly… until I can grow my own garden. Forget Mike, I wanna be like Annette!

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