3 Tips For A Healthy Start to the New School Year

Get ready, get set and GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!  After a wonderful slower paced summer vacation, late nights watching the Olympics, getting back into the school routine may be a bit of a challenge.  But with this three (3) step game plan you will be set to win!
o   Download a free calendar and create a family calendar or purchase a large “dry erase” board and write down all school and extra curricular activities for the week or month.  This will help keep the entire family organized!
o   Mark busy days and plan meals that will work well on those days.
o   Call family & friends to make requests for any help you may need.
o   Get a spiral notebook for your child to journal their goals for the school year for everything from behavior and attitude to organization, study habits, extra vurrivular activities and grades.  Put dates to these goals and review them with your child weekly throughout the year.
o   Call a few family meetings to Discuss the connection between healthy eating and their ability to focus and concentrate and get good grades.
o   Set goals for healthy lifestyle  e.g. drinking more water (even at school like every time they pass the water fountain), walking, eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day or baking rather than frying foods.
o   Encourage your children to assist with the grocery shopping and making a weekly list.  Go to the store together and have them select the vegetables and put them in the shopping cart.   
3.         REST
o   Implement a set plan on how you intend to “settle down” for the night.  Try having your child read for 15 minutes or take a bath or listen to soft music to settle them down from summer’s late night fun in the sun.
o   Start mimicking your school’s schedule a couple of weeks before school starts.  That means getting the kids to bed early and seeing what time they naturally wake up on their own. 
o   A NOTE TO PARENTS:  This means you too.  Soon we will be headed to fall and we all should be getting to bed soon after the sun goes down.   Talk about refreshing.  YES – sleep works!
Next time we’ll talk about an Affordably Healthy Back to School Nutritious Shopping List  to fuel the body and brain with out breaking the bank!

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