Lighten Up as you Light The Night on October 31st

Treat Basket with 300+  items from the Shopping List 
below all for just $11

Ding Dong! Knock! Knock! It’s Trick or Treat time!  Candy, Candy and more CANDY!!  But who says that TREAT = CANDY? Technically, a treat is really any source of pleasure or special enjoyment.  While candy is quite a delight, our dental hygenists, immune system and waist lines are more likely to put it in the trick category. 

But, did you know that there are ways you lighten up on the sugary treats as you Light the Night when you adopt a less is more attitude.  Check out my $11 treat basket with 300+ items. Now candy is cheap because sugar and high fructose corn syrup are subsidized commodities so you can give out fist fulls.  But if you share a couple of these trick-free treats you’re sure to get the same cheery faces and perhaps an even bigger smile when they see what they got. Best of all, it still works on a tight budget.
Top 15 Super Fun, Budget Friendly, Sugar-Free Treats Shopping List:
  1. 20 Army Men                            $0.97
  2. 12 Metallic Pencils                  $1.00
  3. 50 Jumbo Play Money            $1.00
  4. 9 Bottles Bubbles                    $1.00
  5. 7 Mini Raisin Boxes                $1.00
  6. 12 Reward Erasers                 $1.00
  7. 8 Flutes                                     $0.97
  8. 8 Mini Pots of Dough               $1.00
  9. 35 Doggie Tattoos                   $1.00
  10.  6 Toy Story Tissues                $1.00
  11.  1000 Sticker Set                      $1.00
  12.  10 Glow Braclets                       $0.97
  13.  6 Bananas                                $1.00
  14.  8 Glow Animal Shapes           $1.00
  15. 10 Tracing Strips                       $0.97
BONUS Pack: 48 Sports Party Favors  $6.47  (apprx. 8 for $1.00)
Now the reality is that when you go out to Light up the Night, you will bring home some candy.  So here’s what you can do:
  • Portion out a couple of days worth for the kiddos (both small and big J )
  • Store or donate the rest of the candy.  Just make it disappear somehow so that we don’t form lasting candy habits that eat away (no pun intended) at our healthy lifestyle!  

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