Are You Thankful for the Little Things?

November is National Adoption Month

The most popular Thanksgiving tradition for most families on Thanksgiving Day is to go around the table and share what you are thankful for.  Many times we rack our brain trying to think of some huge blessing God has given us to be thankful for like a new job, a car, a home, bills paid, good health or even a child through adoption.  However, this big picture focus can make us either complain or overlook the equally as beneficial small blessings that happen every hour, minute and second of the day.

When our youngest child Joshua came home to us at 23 months through the miracle of adoption, he had been abandoned by his birth mother and had never met us before.  He was confused, distrustful, terrified and had a vocabulary of only about 15 words.  Figuring out how to meet his needs and help him overcome his insecurities over the past two years has been both exciting and challenging.  But through it all, the one thing we have learned is how to really appreciate even the tiniest miracles that God performs on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis.

When he tells me in a complete sentence what he wants to eat or that he wants to kiss me I say “thank you.”  When he climbs in his bed excited to sleep and looking forward to tomorrow, after dressing himself, I say “thank you” 3x.  When his big sister volunteers to read to him or his big brother takes him outside to play rather than ditching him and playing with the boys his age I say “thank you.”   Yes these seem little but they are actually enormous blessings that we hope to never take for granted.

For every challenge we face from traffic, to wasting spaghetti sauce on that white shirt right before the meeting, a tough economy or getting sick, there is always something small we can still be grateful for.  I want to encourage you this Thanksgiving to look for the little things to be grateful for rather than finding the one or two big things and say “thank you!” …oh and pray about how you can join the fun of living out James 1:27 😉



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